"International Inspiration"

Soul and Pop singer, Adele has recently dropped her third studio album entitled, 25. Although she only had one single for her album (Hello), Adele released a total of eleven sensational tracks to top off her new album. This album is a great example of how powerful and mood-setting her voice can be. Through these eleven tracks, Adele easily got her point across over many slow melodies and lyrics about love and relationships. As far as opening up to her fans about this anticipated album, Adele has not held anything back. According to a letter that she released weeks before the release of her album, the title of the album is inspired by the age she just turned. In the letter she states how turning 25 was a huge thing for her because of her change in perspective. In addition to a heartfelt letter to the fans, Adele fulfilled their anticipation proven through broken records in sales. According to sources, 25 is the first album to sell 4 million copies in a calendar year since her last album entitled 21. Billboard states that 25 is also the first album ever to sale 3.38 million copies in the first week.