"Believe the Hype"

Rapper, Future, really turned a few heads with his second album Dirty Sprite 2. This album consists of all trap music with high energy and crazy beats. Future was very intentional on this album when he placed no features on the whole album except for Toronto rapper, Drake, on the track named "Where Ya At". This trap rapper linked up with only a couple top producers and engineers in the game right now, being Metro Boomin (who co-produced 11 of 18 tracks) and Southside (who co-produced 10 of 18 tracks). Future also showed much creativity with the album's artwork by purchasing a stock photo from a Slovenian artist and photo shopping his face in the middle of it. The photo resembles what Codeine or Promethazine would look like when it enters a cup of Sprite. Listen to this album and feel the intensity run through your veins as you bounce to the cadence of the words and the hype beats.