"The Logic is Incredible"

Recently, Logic has released his second studio album The Incredible True Story. After the huge success of his first album (Under Pressure) that was released in late 2014, Logic stepped up to the plate and produced another great project. The Incredible True Story is a fascinating album that contains high quality rapping, amazing creativity, and unique rap perspective. The album's artwork was created by New York native, Sam Spratt, and contains members from Logic's producing team, Bobby Campbell and 6ix (back), and voice actors, Kevin Rudolph and Steven Blum (front) for the album. The content and theme of the album is based on the future with Logic and his team traveling through space in search for a new planet called "Paradise". Throughout the project, the album contains skits and music sounds that resemble traveling and conversation inside of a space ship. With this album and Under Pressure, Logic admits that his inspiration came from the Kill Bill series and other Quentin Tarantino movies which explains the red and yellow jackets on the cover. Logic has surely solidified his spot in the music race with this amazing project and plans to keep producing quality for his fans.