"Look Alive"

On this day in 2015, music duo Rae Sremmurd released their debut album, Sremmlife. This album had major songs on there like "No Type", "Throw Some Mo" & "Come Get Her". In thought of this day, it is easy to recognize the success and brilliance of their second album Sremmlife 2. This album was released on August 12, 2016 and is often referenced for its growing song "Black Beatles" (the main anthem for the #TheMannequinChallenge). Aside from their success with this song featuring Guwop, Sremmlife 2 had other catchy and attracting tracks as well. Their first single "By Chance" was released in February of 2016 and later peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 - with their second single "Look Alive" landing not too far behind.

The main content on the album consists of hard hitting sounds mixed with lyrics from a rockstar lifestyle. The executive producer, MikeWillMadeIt (who has done work for Rihanna, Future, 2 Chainz and Beyonce) was able to create a perfect platform for Swae Lee & Slim Jimmy to their display their deep appreciation for their fast lifestyle. Although this album holds a lot of party music, it balances with smooth situationship songs like "Take It or Leave It" and "Now That I Know". The diversity in these songs display the true essence of what makes them successful. Throughout their career, they were able to show a deep contrast in rap style which keeps them highly exciting and interesting (similar to Outkast). More of the excitement comes from the creativity in their ad-libs and their perfect melody selections. A few of my favorite moments on the album are "Swang", "Now That I Know" and "By Chance". #Sremmlife