"The Glow Up"

ANTi is the eighth studio album that has been released by this talented Barbadian artist. After years of experience, growth, and change, Rihanna has developed herself into an incredible and creative artist and it is proven through this new album. The album name "Anti" came from Rihanna seeking to release an album that was the complete opposite of what people expected from her. With this being said, ANTi successfully showcases a diverse range of sound created by Rihanna and many other great artists/producers that are succeeding in the game right now. The album cover was created by Israeli artist Roy Nachum and contains a picture of Rihanna as a child. The album cover is also layered with a poem that is written in brail entitled "If They Let Us". The poem was written by Rihanna, artist Roy Nachum and poet Chloe Mitchell. The poem is about Rihanna being misunderstood, but then realizing that its nothing to be ashamed of. A few favorites on the album are "Yeah, I Said It", "Kiss It Better" and "Sex With Me".