"Praise + Hip-Hop = Wave"

In May, Chicagoan artist Chance the Rapper recently released his third project entitled, Coloring Book, to the public and his desperate music fans. This project was highly anticipated for years after Chance released his dynamic Acid Rap mixtape in 2013. However, this new tape was one to catch everyone off gaurd. Here, Chance took the risk and time to intertwine a gospel feel into his hyper and animated sound to create a new wave for today's music - and more specifically the hip-hop realm. The majority of Coloring Book consists of thick harmony from gospel choirs (displayed on "How Great" and "Drown") and content on giving praise and being thankful ("Blessings"). Aside from the holy texture that Chance created for the project, he still managed to make songs that are hip-hop friendly. To create the best of both worlds, Chance included songs like "Mixtape" (featuring Young Thug & Lil Yachty), and "No Problem" (featuring 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne) to appeal to his fans who are looking for modern-day rap elements. In addition to these two songs, he successfully re-created a familiar Chicago sound in his song "Juke Jam" (featuring Justin Bieber & Towkio). In this song he unregrettfully added Justin Bieber to a classic R. Kelly sample that ironically produces a vintage sound for the song and does it justice. Overall Coloring Book is a very diverse and much needed project for the hip-hop culture itself today. This tape has a wide range of different elements infused in it, which gives music a new perspective right now. Solid work Chance. A few favorites are, "Drown", "Mixtape", "Juke Jam" and "How Great".