"Still at It, Eh?"

dvsn - pronouced "division" - is a powerful R&B duo made of two candian artists, Daniel Daley and Paul Jeffries (who is also known as Nineteen85). After recently signing to Drake's record label, OVO Sound, dvsn released Sept. 5th as their debut studio album. This album contains solid samples under harmonous vocals performed by these two Candian artists. Being excutively produced by Paul Jeffries and Noah "40" Shebib, this album holds beats that contains samples from muscial icons like Maxwell, D'Angelo, Ginuwine and Usher. The main vocals on the album come from Daniel Daley as he talks about the ups and downs of his relationship expressed through smooth and effortless melodies. The mature and modern R&B sound that this group makes brings back the soulof the past R&B world. Although this is the first studio album by this group, this is not the first time their musical genius have reached the industry. Daley and Jeffries have worked together on a musical level for six years. These two have done work on Drake's 2013 album, Nothing Was the Same, and his 2015 hit "Hotling Bling". A few of my favorite tracks on this album are "Too Deep", "Do It Well", and "With Me". Be sure to listen to this smooth album when you can.