"Inspiration Remains Undefeated"

Wale has recently dropped a pre-album mixtape called Summer on Sunset. This mixtape is a prequel to his upcoming fifth studio album entitled, S.H.I.N.E. (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy). Summer on Sunset is definitely a project that presents a new wave of music and a new direction of sound for Word-play 'Le. The project themes around Wale moving to Los Angeles and working on his S.H.I.N.E. album under new inspiration given from the city. On here, Wale digs deeper into his confidence as an artist and executes his typical poetic lines through 'over the head' bars on beats that we've never heard him on before. The production alone on this project sets it apart from his previous work. There were a total of 22 music producers who touched this new mixtape for Wale, and all of them were able to create a cohesive sound for him to build upon. Aside from the legitimate production on this mixtape, Summer on Sunset is great because of the wide range of features and cameos on it. The mixtape has skits and vocals from a diverse group of celebrities including Mark Wahlberg, Triple H, and Timbaland to name a few. This was genius in his efforts to show his dedicated fanbase that he has been out working hard to develop a solid project and further build his brand. Overall, this is a great project for Wale because of the diversity that the album brings in relation to his previous projects.