"Chemistry Music"

TWENTY88 is a hip-hop music duo that consists of Detriot rapper, Big Sean and soulful singer, Jhene Aiko. TWENTY88 is also the title of their debut studio album released this year. The name TWENTY88 stems from the year that the two artists were born (1988). The album and group is said to be based on the year of 2088 (100 years after they were born). This album is a solid project themed around a loving relationship between a man and woman. The production on the album comes from geniuses like Key Wane and Detail to create a successful alternative-hip-hop sound. Along with brilliant content and clever beats, these two artists show consistent and effortless chemistry. Although this is the first studio album that these two have released together, this is not the first time that they have worked together. They both worked together for the first time in 2013 on Big Sean's album, Hall of Fame, and on many other songs since then - including on his last album Dark Sky Paradise. Some of my favorites on the album are "Deja Vu", "On The Way" and "London Bridge".