"Modern-Day Funk"

untitled unmastered is an album released by Kendrick Lamar that contains the tracks that did not make the cut for his most recent album To Pimp A Butterfly. To Pimp A Butterfly was released in March of 2015 and won 5 Grammys (nominated for 7). It also peaked at number 1 for the year on 7 different music charts around the world. On this surprise album by Kendrick there are 8 tracks that are "untitled and unmastered" that relay the same message and feel that he displayed in TPAB. Some songs on this project include the full ideas and production of his live performances on The Colbert Report and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. The rest of the tracks are songs that were made within the timespan of 2013-2016 that did not fit the album in his eyes. Check out what else Kendrick has to say about society layered on more beats of modern funk.