"Stapled in the Game"

Dark Sky Paradise was the third studio album released by Big Sean on February 24, 2015. Shortly after it's release, Dark Sky peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 in the first week. The album contained a total of five singles that easily turned into fan favorites: IDFWU, Blessings, Play No Games, One Man Can Change the World, & Paradise. Although these became some of the most popular songs on the album, Sean managed to stuff the rest of the album with more content and clever metaphors.

Throughout this project, Sean stapled his spot in the game through songs with bars that had unlimited cadence play and relatable (real) content. On "Paradise" and "Stay Down" he gave us unlimited word play on top of fast double-timing like Twista in his prime. While on "One Man Can Change the World" and "Research" he gave us a perfect blend of hiphop and pop through catchy melodies and smooth vocals.

The featured artists on the album are probably the most fascinating element about the album. Some of the key features on the album are Jhene Aiko, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, John Legend, Drake and Chris Brown. Along with the diverse features on the album, Dark Sky Paradise had a variety of producers touch it as well, such as DJ Mustard, Kanye West, Key Wane and MikeWillMadeIt to name a few. These combination of people contributed to Big Sean creating an album with more substance and depth than any album he has ever released. The content on the album successfully ranges from dark to light, which is another element that makes it arguably an instant classic. Embracing this, Big Sean was able to create a well-rounded project that could appeal to the many fans that he has groomed over time.

Ultimately, this has been my favorite Sean Don project by far, making his next album, I Decided. (release on February 3, 2016) highly anticipated. Some of my favorite moments on the project are the duet verse on "I Know" with Jhene Aiko, the extended verse on "Paradise", the sample/homage on "Platinum & Wood" and the song "Deep" feat. Lil Wayne