"Making a Name"

Noname (formerly known as Noname Gypsy) is a female music artist from the southside of Chicago, Illinois. After performing poetry for years of her life, she debuted in music with a verse on Chance the Rapper's popular tape Acid Rap in 2013. More recently, she was found on Chance the Rapper's newest mixtape, Coloring Book, on the song "Finish Line / Drown" released in early 2016. After her initial work with Chance, Noname begun to create work with different artist across the country. 

On July 31, 2016, Noname released her debut mixtape titled Telefone. On this project, Gypsy was sure to turn heads and satisfy fans with more of her raw creativity and word play. Telefone is a barely a hip-hop album as it embraces the elements of many different genres around it. The sounds this album mainly comes from producer Cam O'bi who has done work with Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Chance the RapperVic Mensa and more. The groovy production on this mixtape is satisfying as it conveniently paints a picture around the telling words of the artist. The perfect balance of smooth and lively sounds flow throughout this album as Noname empties her stories through witty lines, sarcastic situations and powerful metaphors.

The content on the mixtape seem to stem from growing up in Chicago along with having confusion about what life really is. A few of my favorite moments on the mixtape are on "Reality Check" where she is encouraged to embrace opportunity over a soulful hook; also on "Casket Pretty" where she speaks on her fear of her friends and family getting murdered while living in Chicago. Overall, Telefone is a powerful debut project and provides all types of dope for music fans regardless of preference in genre. From musical genius to poetic release, Noname creates it all.