"Soulful Son"

'She see money all around me, I look like I'm the man'

*back of  Sonder Son  album cover

*back of Sonder Son album cover

Last week on October 13, Brent Faiyaz released his debut album, Sonder Son. Brent is most popular for his fire hook on “Crew” released by Goldlink, that we blasted all Summer. In this album he was able to showcase his writing skills by telling us stories about his adolescence and early adulthood. 

In "Gang Over Luv" he talked about his trails and roads that he went through growing up in Baltimore. Talks about school, growing pains and relationships made for an inspirational story in his music. As the album progressed, more stories revealed themselves under this pen. More mature conversation arose about the struggles of making it in America - more specifically as a music artist. On "L.A." and "Stay Down" he talked about the pros and cons of living in such a popular city as Los Angeles as an artist. 

- Brent Faiyaz in "Gang Over Luv"

- Brent Faiyaz in "Gang Over Luv"

In between the depths of his pen as a writer, he was able to give us many elements of pure R&B musically as well. Some songs on the album reminded me of classic Frank Ocean and even Aaliyah + Timbaland collabs in the 90s. With his unique soft tone in R&B its easy for him to fit into the old school R&B sound. This tone in parallel to the production on the album is what makes this album stand out. 

Sonically the album holds two dimensions of acoustic sounds and hip hop sampled music which gives it a great range in appeal. The best example of this is the transition from the "Burn One" interlude to "First World Problemz" and how the two vibes switched from night to day, but held the same message. Overall this album is a further contribution to all of the great R&B that has came out this year.