"Calculated Success"

On October 13, R&B duo dvsn released their second album called Morning After. After coming off an astounding debut album in Sept. 5th, this album was highly anticipated by everyone who knows what they are capable of. Although the first album was a great album, it was lightly criticized for the inconsistent flow of it. Many critics state that the previous album was choppy and not as easy to listen to through it's entirety. With those opinions over their head, dvsn made sure to clear those comments with this new album. Morning After is much more of a well rounded album where each song can stand out in its own right.

The album is 90% produced by Nineteen85 who is 1/2 of dvsn. The other half is the vocals of Toronto singer Daniel Daley. Together the two made an album that has variety and togetherness. From songs like "P.O.V." with the soulful Maxwell sample to the song "Morning After" with the upbeat dance vibe, dvsn fed us with a few different energies. However with all of these different variations, the album still fell under the house of R&B - "Claim" & "Think About Me" made sure to make that staple for us. With that being said, this album is the perfect project to listen to with your boo at any given time.

On the flip side, one thing that could hinder them from success is their level of visibility. Being signed under OVO, it is almost guaranteed that their image will be hidden like many of the other artists. However it may be hard for them to remain relevant without being seen in a visual world. On the other hand, this tactic has worked for them so far and that brings upon the question of true longevity in moving this way.

If dvsn is able to solidify an original sound then they may be able to achieve 10+ years in the music game. Only time will tell, but in the meantime let’s enjoy another dope album from 2017. My favorite songs on the album are "Claim", "P.O.V." and "Don’t Choose".