"Good Music"

On November 17, Cyhi the Prynce dropped his official first album No Dope on Sundays. After giving us fire freestyles (fast forward to 2:31) for over half a decade we finally get the polished version of this crazy flow on this album, which doesn’t disappoint. 

No Dope on Sundays is the perfect statue to display all of the skills Cyhi gave us over time. On Everyday Struggle, he talked about his journey as an upcoming emcee in the game and mentioned writing for most of the G.O.O.D. Music camp over time (including a percentage of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). He made sure to keep stride on this album as he gave us undeniable bars intertwined with relevant conceptual rap. Most of the content on the album are about his stories of how he had to maneuver through life’s turbulence to make it to the top; stories filled with the piercing truth about making right and wrong decisions on his journey to success. Other content includes his thinking as a black man in corporate America. On “Nu Africa” he talked about his conspiracy of what Africa would look like if African Americans left the United States to re-acclimate there. Including the possibilities of our favorite black moguls going there to start their business in result of the culture being less accepted in America makes the song intriguing. Not to mention that it slaps over the most classic hip hop sound. 

Most of the beats on the album are timeless samples that fit perfectly around his intricate flow. On “Don’t Know Why”, he sampled “Pain” by 2pac and did it premium justice with the fire Jagged Edge feature (let’s not act like “Let’s Get Married” isn’t a classic). He continued his beat selection with sampling “I Love the Dough” by Notorious B.I.G on his song “Closer” where he vented about his gratitude after living through the trenches in coming up. 

After peeping the features on here, it is safe to say that Cyhi is heavily respected in the music industry. The features range from popular contemporary artists to well known classic artists. Some of the most dynamic features on the album come from 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Kanye West, and BJ the Chicago Kid

My favorite songs on the album are “Trick Me” feat. 2 Chainz, “Don’t Know Why”, “Nu Africa”, and “Closer”. Overall this album is one of the best hip hop albums to hit the streams this year. Cyhi did a dope job with giving us content both sonically and lyrically while keeping our attention. This is a great starting album for him because of the unanimous raised eyebrows it gives people in the room when this comes on. Salute!

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