"Mirror Talk"

On October 27, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T released his album 4eva is A Mighty Long Time. This is KRITs first album as an independent artist after recently being released from Def Jam. On this new project, KRIT constructed the whole album by himself. In recent interviews with The Breakfast Club and Everyday Struggle, he talked about producing the entire album and giving it to the fans exactly how he wanted. After claiming to have limited freedom with his last situation, this album is a more polished version of his last album Cadillactica.

The bulk of the album sounds like classic southern music. With the deep bass, jazz sounds and heavy 808s, this album is the blueprint to a classic country rap album. KRIT even dropped a few smooth R&B features on songs like “1999” and “Higher Calling”. In addition to doing songs with Lloyd and Jill Scott, KRIT had a handful of classic features to lace this album including: Ceelo, Bun B, T.I., Bilal and more. Having these OG features on the album gives it an older feel under the modern rap style that KRIT brings to the table, creating his version of a masterpiece.

Although the beats and the savvy lyricism are enough to carry this as a great album, that isn’t even the catch of the project. KRIT broke this album into two pieces: songs from a rapper, Big KRIT & songs from the personal view as Justin Scott (K.R.I.T.’s real name). On the first half (disc) of the album, he gave us his typical rap perspective with trap funk sounding songs. On songs like “1999”, “Aux Cord” and “Big Bank”, KRIT gave us his regular heat with slapping beats and bars about southern culture. On the second half (disc) of the album, KRIT took a more introspective approach. He talked about more personal struggles that he has been going through in real life as Justin Scott. On the “Price of Fame” he talked about the depression that comes with being famous. On “Drinking Sessions” he spit about how this in detail, explaining how he was unappreciated at Def Jam and in the rap game as a whole.

Overall KRIT was able to reinvent a new version of his older albums while being the most transparent as a person. This two sided album is definitely a stand out in the year and will be held as one of his better albums. My favorites on the album are: “1999”, “Price of Fame”, “Aux Cord” and “Bury Me In Gold”.