"Two-Headed Monster"

On February 17, Future released his fifth album entitled FUTURE after announcing it just a week before. This high powered album contains a consistent rough sound similar to his 2015 release, Ditry Sprite 2. The super trap sounds on this album contains production from Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia and even DJ Khaled. Not long after release, FUTURE peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts, dethroning Big Sean's I Decided..

While being in the midst of knocking "Mask Off" on repeat from FUTURE, the ATL native hit us with another album a week later on February 24th, called HNDRXX. Future confirmed with a motivational post on Instagram (see at bottom) that HNDRXX (Pronounced as "Hendrix") would act as his sixth studio album (5th in 2 years), being referred to as a project that he always wanted to make. HNDRXX is an album that is of complete contrast of its week-long predecessor FUTURE.

On this new release by Future, he made sure to give us a version of himself that we have rarely seen before. In an interview with Zane Lowe, he talked about releasing this album at the perfect time in his career. After listening to this album and hearing that interview, I have found that "Future Hendrix" is a slight R&B crossover of himself - full of confessions and sensitivity. After giving us bits and pieces of this version of himself, he decided to dedicate an entire album to this perspective. Although there is limited rapping on this album and more singing melodies, this album is still surprisingly produced by much of the same team from FUTURE. The surprise coming from their ability to create a completely different album than the one from a week before.

A lot of the greatness in this album comes from the versatility in it. Over the last two years Future has given us a wave of full throttle trap music for us to flex to, and HNDRXX is nothing like that. This isn't the Future album that you play while you are partying but more so the album that you would play throughout a nice day in the whip. The features of Rihanna on "Selfish", and The Weeknd on "Coming Out Strong" add more range in genre as their high voices mesh with Future's raw sound. 

The lyrical content on the album is unique to Future as a lot of it circles around his attention to women and him staying focused on his craft. While there is still talk about his pill-popping and rockstar lifestyle (like in "Hallucinating"), Hendrix made sure to mix the content up a bit with the talk of his appreciation of certain women on tracks like "Incredible" and "I Thank U". Future even opened up a bit about some of his pain involving women on "Turn on Me" and the 7-minute song "Sorry".

Overall, this is a great decision for Future to open up with his true musical ear, and stray away from 'Trapper Future' for a while. The new lyrical content on this album makes this much more interesting as it is more relatable to his wider range of fans. This is going to be the perfect album to revisit in the summer time under a sunny day. A few of my favorite moments on these albums are, FUTURE: Mask Off, Scrape, Rent Money & HNDRXX: Coming Out Strong feat. The Weeknd, Hallucinating and Turn on Me. Hopefully we hear more heat from Future Hendrix in the future (no pun intended).