"$tay Woke"

On April 7th, Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$ released his sophomore album - All Amerikkkan Bada$$. On this project Joey decided to take a completely different (but necessary) angle to give hip-hop fans. The entire theme of the album stems around the outlandish injustice in America towards black culture. Joey gave us a heavy stack of sixteens on "Y U Dont Love Me", "For My People" and "Land of the Free" (which came with a wild visual), next to other songs that dig into the topic of being black in America. 

With Joey taking this new direction in his music, it has in-turn created the most influential Jozif Badmon that we've heard. Through the passion that he has on these topics, he is able to provide us with an evolved delivery. With a successful consecutive album after B4.Da.$$, it is easy to see that Joey is building much confidence and moving away from his initial underground lane. It is safe to say that this project will catapult him into possible features with artists like Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole who have been known to rap about the same topics on tracks like "The Blacker the Berry" and "Miss America".

In addition to the content evolving for Joey, the production on this project is on a new level as well. The euphoric and triumphing sound of "Devastated" gives us a motivated feel while "Rockabye Baby" gives us a much more rugged and hard-hitting sound, which is perfect for the ScHoolboy Q feature (and sounds almost identical to a BlankFace track). This beat rollercoaster continues throughout the album and proves to be much more complex than his previous music.

Overall this album by Joey Bada$$ is of perfect timing and portrays a dope message for the people in America. This 'stay woke' angle that he chose was brilliant, as he puts us on game while keeping our heads rocking. A few of my favorite moments on the album are "Land of the Free", "Devastated" and the last verse on "Babylon" feat. Chronixx, where he definitely snapped!

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