"WINdy City"

Last year on October 27th, Chicago artist Saba released his debut album called The Bucket List. Saba debuted in fellow Chicagoan artist Chance the Rapper's mixtape Acid Rap on "Everybody's Something" in 2013. Since then he has been working with other successful artists from the area that accent his sound, including Noname and Twista.

The energy on this album comes from many different cloths as he gives us a range of elements in hip hop and rap. With that being said, this diverse music perspective along with the production almost suggests this album stepping outside of the hip hop genre in a way. Alongside the sound of the album, Saba made sure to give us introspective bars too. Most of his content stems from his experiences from living in Chicago, and focusing on manifesting his true dreams of being highly successful.

The true center of the album is the ideology of living your life to the fullest and becoming who you want to become - hence is why it's called The Bucket List to encourage people to accomplish all of their goals. This was the perfect angle for him to approach because of who he is in the game right now. This title and angle provides introspective for fans given that he is not the most popular artist. This suggests that he is humble and is focused on living his life rather than impressing the rap culture and being the "best in the game" right now. This is impressive because of the fact that he's an upcoming artist from Chicago where the music culture (especially hip-hop) is really competitive. Having said that, you can tell that Saba is heavily respected by many great artists from Chicago through this special album.

Throughout the album, voices like Lupe Fiasco, Noname, and Chance the Rapper appear to add more depth to this point of living a full life. Next to the features on the album, you can hear Chicago's musical influence on the album overall. Saba fits right in with many legendary artists from Chicago with his "ahead of my time" flow and musical genius on this album throughout it. Thoughtful bars about growing up in the depths of Chicago always seem to be a popular topic in hip hop. Ask Kanye, Common, Lupe, or Chance (just to name a few).

My favorite songs on the album are "Westside Bound 3", "The Billy Williams Story", "Bucket List" and "World In My Hands".