"Spiritual Level"

On August 25, 2017, upcoming Toronto artist Daniel Caesar released his debut album titled Freudian. This album held "Get You", a undeniably fire R&B song that dropped earlier this year - potentially the R&B song of the year 👀 After nearly dropping this album with no promo and a mysterious profile, he made sure to make a name for himself and shake up the R&B game right now with this project - showing us that he has the talent to be in conversation for a while. 

Overall the album is crafted and treated as a entire piece of artwork. With all of the songs flowing together it is easy to float from beginning to end quickly. With that being said, this album is more about vibes than songs. You often will get caught up in different situations and energies throughout the album that connects the music in a spiritual way. Hence Daniel Caesar admitting that he received a lot of his songwriting inspiration from gospel music in a recent interview. Though he wasn't singing about the Messiah, he definitely connected thru other heavy content. The main substance on this album is about the essence of love and relationships. However unlike many R&B artists, Daniel Caesar touched on all elements that are tied to love and not just the beauty of it all; ranging from the mourning to the gratefulness to the regret of relationships, he graced it all in the most believable way. 

In between these bars about life, the sonics on the album are serious too. On the intro of the album, the project starts off with "Get You" that has a uniquely dense vibe that will hold your attention thru the entire song. While later in the album he incorporated a variety of different guitar solos and some of the most clever bridges I've heard - an example would be on "Take Me Away" featuring Syd, and "Transform" featuring Charlotte Day Wilson

Overall this album is a project that will still be good after plenty of listens and will age well over time. This is a great debut release by Daniel Caesar, especially given the fact that male R&B is diminishing in the music world overall. Some of my favorite songs on this album are Get You, Take Me Away & Transform.