“6lack R&B”

On September 14, 6lack dropped his second album, East Atlanta Love Letter. On this time around, 6lack kept the same energy from his first album, FREE 6LACK, in almost every way. EALL was a dope complement to his first album by keeping the same sound, along with consistent content. Somehow, 6lack was able to take his new issues and turn them into another standout project in this new wave of R&B. This proves to fans that he’s no one hit wonder and will be here for a good minute.

The album starts off with the exact same vein as before. However, this time things are different for 6lack as he highlights the fact that he now has a daughter with the very first impression of this project. Here, 6lack takes the time to explain the complexity of his new love life quickly in the first 4 songs. Wasting no time really, he jumped right into explaining his bad luck with women on “Loaded Gun” and his potential regret on “Let Her Go”. As the album builds, we go through a rollercoaster of sounds and he hints at his real range musically. On the album titled track “East Atlanta Love Letter” he teamed up with Future to create the most emo R&B song on the album. Surprising that Future would be the one to give this to him; but it undeniably goes as a slapper on the album. Deeper into the album he made sure to touch other angles as well. With “Switch” and “Nonchalant”, he stepped into a radio pocket that he’s unfamiliar with, but he definitely bodied it. On “Switch” he explained how his life basically changed and went from 0-100 after going through break ups and having a child. After changing his image and going ghost for a while last year, this record was basically inevitable for him to make.

The features on the album are limited, but not to get confused with poor. J. Cole, Future, Offset, and Khalid are the only features on here but all of them killed their moment on the album. J. Cole and Future add to the relation of situationship struggles, while Offset added a standout party starter with “Balenciaga Challenge”. Young Khalid blessed the album with an extra radio song with “Seasons” if they decide to use it. Genius thinking.

Overall the highly anticipated second album did not disappoint. With R&B spiking crazy again, it’s important to stay ahead and he made sure he avoided the sophomore curse. Looking forward to hearing what 6lack releases next.

My favorite songs on the album are: Loaded Gun, East Atlanta Love Letter, Scripture, Nonchalant & Balenciaga Challenge.