Around 3am on January 19th, Drake released another two song series called Scary Hours. Almost a year after the release of More Life, he gives us two new solo bops with “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity”.

Even with ‘throw-out’ records Drake seems to shake up the game. Just days after the Scary Hours drop, Drake broke the record for most plays in a day on Spotify with the song “God’s Plan” (4.3 Million streams). Just weeks after that Drake kept gaining accolades with dethroning Jay-Z for having the most Top 10 songs in Hip-Hop (22 songs).


Although this success seems random to the untrained eye, it is pretty clear to see his strategy for growth in today’s music world. Drake made sure to feed both vessels of the hip hop fanbase with this release. “God’s Plan” is the epitome of party music that slaps thanks to timed 808s and a crazy bounce...but doesn’t require too much thought. On the other hand, Drake barred us to death on “Diplomatic Immunity” and told us exactly what was on his mind. From dissing Joe Budden and Akademiks on Everyday Struggle, to talking about women trying to pin a baby on him, he laid it all out. This was well calculated for both songs to grow in two different lanes, and was nicely executed.

Drake on "Diplomatic Immunity"

Drake on "Diplomatic Immunity"

Recently Drake was spotted at Miami Senior High School shooting the video for “God’s Plan”. This could start a conspiracy that Drake actually wants to do something serious with these songs. Only time will tell, but right now we know he’s back in 2018 to give us the summary.