"Dirty Water but the Bars Clean"

On March 16, the upcoming duo Phzd released their newest project called Impulz. This album is the nest of so many different genres. The variety in this project is so wide but ironically that’s what makes this album a distinct project.

Throughout the course of the album, the artist Phill gave so many different sounds and melodies. Hopping from genre to genre; from rapping to singing - undoubtedly proved his talent on the music level. The deliveries throughout the album gave essence of a Kid Cudi or Anderson .Paak (in terms of how his voice sounds against the music). Given that the music game is all about labels right now, (i.e. pop, mumble rap, conscious rap, trap music) this project is unique because it’s give us a little bit of everything. This brings me to the production on the album.

Although Phill does a lot by switching flows, the producer, Ben, was right there step-for-step with him making fire of his own. At the album release party, the producer broke down how the album is a four-part play concept that resembles the feels of each season. With that in mind it explains why the album is so versatile and feels like it’s covering all bases. The chemistry and musical understanding between this producer/artist combo is very special and reminds me of what the Toronto R&B duo dvsn was able to accomplish over time. The cohesiveness of the content, tone, and beats would be impressive on every level of music.

Overall this is a project about a growing artist who had found himself in a broken city, Flint, Michigan - profound expression at its finest. My favorites on the album are “Nxworries”, “Mind$et” and “Why You Leave”. Listen to whole album here.