"King Overdosed"


On April 20th, J. Cole dropped his fifth album KOD. On Twitter Cole confirmed this to mean three things: King Overdosed, Kids on Drugs & Kill Our Demons. On this go around you can tell that Cole took his time to carve a well rounded album. 

Off top, the songs that stand out as rare J. Cole songs are ATM, Motiv8, and even Kevin’s Heart. These are the radio spinners on the album, something that Cole has never really concentrated on before. This automatically puts this album in a different lane than his previous album 4 Your Eyez Only. On KOD, he took a more universal route by making songs for the club crowd. In the midst of this switch up, he was able to keep his bars relevant and heavy. 

Most of the bars on the album come from Cole taking the old head approach and dropping knowledge to the younger rappers. Mostly about the trend of drug use, social media antics, and playing in this industry the right way. At this point in the game, Cole realizes his seniority in the rap game and flexes the throne by schooling everyone. On 1985 he took the time to directly chew into young rappers and their faulty perspectives. While most people believe this is directly aimed towards Lil Pump, it could apply to Pump’s peers as well. Either way, somehow Cole was able to lay out the most respectful diss of all time. After beginning the verse with real acknowledgement and ending it with a lane check through passive aggressive bars, Cole definitely got his point across. 


It’s no real surprise that the features on this album are limited. The only features listed on the track list are from kiLL edward, which turns out to be J. Cole’s alter ego. This ultimately means that this album has no features for the third straight album.. I think it’s safe to say that J. Cole isn’t missing any meals. He has proven that the only person he needs on his albums is himself, which works out for him financially. With that being said, Cole made the kiLL edward features very melodic throughout the album which brings out a new side in J. Cole’s game. On this project he’s shown he’s more versatile than ever before and can make different types of records. 

Cole should continue to work with larger producers to help him to embrace the radio and club even more. However, this may be one of J. Cole’s best albums because of how well rounded it is. With that in mind, J. Cole is still not letting up. Shortly after the release of this album, Cole stated that he’s working on his next project “The Fall Off” already. Cole is in Lock-in Mode.

My favorites on the album are ATM, Motiv8, Kevin’s Heart and 1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”)

Watch the video to Kevin's Heart below... Starring Kevin Hart.