"Ye Acts"

About a month ago, Kanye West had his name on the streets for all of the wrong reasons. From his outlandish tweets and shenanigans on Twitter to his wild interview on TMZ where he told us “slavery was a choice”.

As of late, Kanye’s name has been in circulation for the MUSIC again. Over the last two months, Kanye have had a heavy hand in 5 albums (ye, KIDS SEE GHOST, DAYTONA, NASIR, and K.T.S.E. [Keep That Same Energy]). All of these albums are released under his music group G.O.O.D. Music and are entirely produced by him. After the midst of his wild antics on the internet, he was able to show us at least one good sign about him: he can still make solid music.

All of these albums are relatively short projects, but are a handful in terms of the production and sound. As always, Ye gave us another spread of ridiculously hard samples and classic chops for his music fans to chew on. The versatility behind this group of albums is incredible. From his own experimental album, to a collaboration album with Kid Cudi, to rough/rugged sounding Pusha-T & Nas albums, to a sensual sounding Teyana Taylor album, Kanye really showed us why he is still a living GOAT.

My favorite projects from this collection are DAYTONA, KIDS SEE GHOST, and KTSE. These stand out to me for the production alone. On DAYTONA, Kanye was able to take the simplest piano chops and turn them into the perfect murky-type beat for Pusha-T to bar to death. KIDS SEE GHOST objectively is a match made in heaven for 'beat-based' music fans. Kid Cudi and Kanye West are two trailblazers for a lot of the production we hear today, which makes this automatically exciting. KTSE was a great example of what Kanye is capable of doing in the R&B lane. With him taking the same classic sample approach and adding soft drums under Teyana's voice, it is hard to miss the mark with that one.

Check out the album covers from this five-album series below. Click through to see every sample that was used in each album. 

1. DAYTONA - Pusha-T


2. ye - Kanye West


3. KIDS SEE GHOST - Kanye West + Kid Cudi


4. NASIR - Nas


5. K.T.S.E. - Teyana Taylor