"Billion Dollar Collab"

On June 16, JAY-Z and Beyoncé dropped their first ever collaboration album called EVERYTHING IS LOVE. After years of sporadic song collaborations, this world-known couple decided to level things up a bit. Though this idea has been passed around before, it was never something that the masses thought they would get. Many people thought that they would not be able to pull together a full body of work that sounds as good as their solo work. On here they proved the exact opposite. 

They had plenty of hands on this album to help them make this a standout in both their discographies. The first single they dropped, “APESHIT”, was inspired by Migos and even features Offset and Quavo performing the ad-libs throughout the song. Ty Dolla $ign was a hidden feature on “BOSS”, and NAV co-produced on “FRIENDS”. This is all proof that no matter how seasoned these two get in the game, they will always keep up with the times in music. 

Check out the original demo from the Migos, and watch the Carter's video to the final version below. 

Deeper than that, the production is from heavy hitters in the game as well. Some major names that touched this album are Pharrell, !ll Mind, Mike Dean and Boi-1da just to make a few. They all came together to give us a range of bangers on this project. The album starts off with the club-destined slapper, ‘APESHIT’ and eases into a undeniable off-beat bop on ‘NICE’ (both songs produced by Pharrell). Aside from the party music they tapped into, they fed their maturer fans as well. On songs like ‘BOSS’, ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘LOVEHAPPY’ they talked about deeper content over more relaxed beats. This makes this project seasonal and creates perfect the balance to this short album. 

One standout thing about the album is Beyoncé’s music direction. Throughout this album we heard a version of Beyonce that we haven’t quite heard before. On this album, she pretty much rapped everything she said. After being known for her vocals and performances for years, on here she’s recognized for a whole new thing - the bars. Throughout the whole album, she gave us hella flows that no one would expect her to go for. From flow to content, she kinda proved that she can keep up with some of the most popular rappers right now based off her monster delivery. This begs the question: Is she evolving her music to another level? After having a rap verse on ‘Top Off’ with DJ Khaled and Future, it seems as if she’s done with singing at this point. Either way, it’s smart because it breeds curiosity for any future projects. 

Overall the album was a dope surprise. It will be interesting to see if they continue to mold a discography together. If so, it will be the next level of their music careers. My favorites on the album are BOSS, APESHIT, NICE & FRIENDS.