"Musical Playground"

On August 3rd, Travis Scott dropped his long anticipated album, ASTROWORLD. After a couple years of creating this album, Travis always planned to hit us over the head with this banger - and that’s exactly what he did. Very similar to his last project Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, he treated ASTROWORLD like a capsule where the album holds a theme. This go ‘round Trav chose an amusement park theme to base this album around. With his high level flows and music going in different directions, it fits that persona of a musical playground. 

The names that touched this album are almost endless. Frank Ocean, Thundercat, Pharrell, Mike Dean, The Weeknd, Drake, John Mayer, Hit-Boy, Tay Kieth, Gunna, Murda Beatz, and Cyhi the Prynce are just a few names that touched this album. Although all the features are hidden on the tracklist, this album is loaded with sounds from the whole industry. From big name producers to your favorite artists, a lot of creativity graced this project. This explains the cohesiveness of the album as well. Each track follows each other like it’s destined to. Every song flows into the next, and the entire album makes it feel as if you are stuck in a current of music until it goes off. 

With just about every song having switch ups and layers of different vibes, Travis showed us how deep his imagination really goes. At this point, Travis has created his own lane in hip-hop. With his trademark voice combined with his sonic range, multiplied by his top-tier production skills, he’s proved that he’s a different creature in the game. ASTROWORLD was just another platform for Travis to show us what he can do. 

His approach is a little unorthodox I must admit. Being a hip-hop rockstar would seem to come with some misunderstandings. This wild-life mentality has been of the essence of Travis Scott since day one, coming out of Houston - which he still pays homage to. On RIP SCREW he acknowledged DJ Screw who was known for his hand in the ‘Chopped and Screwed’ movement that is still big in Houston today. On HOUSTONFORNICATION he talked about how Houston is where he goes from being stressed on the road. 

Overall, this album can potentially be the best Travis Scott project to date depending on how it grows. This is a bundle of all of our favorite rappers and producers painting on a canvas. My favorite records on the album are: SICKO MODE, R.I.P. SCREW, STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, SKELETONSASTROTHUNDER, HOUSTONFORNICATION, & COFFEE BEAN.