The Boy x The Sound

On June 29th, Drake finally released his highly anticipated album Scorpion since his hiatus from More Life. Although we are normalized to giving Drake his high praises after a great album, let’s talk about the true reason behind his greatness for once. 

Since Drake's younger days, he has always kept a gem in the tuck. This gem for years has been Noah “40” Shebib - his go-to producer and engineer. 40 has been making the majority of Drake’s music since the classics of So Far Gone and Thank Me Later. Since then he has paved his way in the game through consistently molding his own sound, and successfully using Drake a muse of his own. Most of 40’s music consists of hybrid beats that make it easy for Drake to effortlessly rap and sing on. This formula has skyrocketed his artists to another level of success. 

Over the last decade, 40 was nominated for multiple Grammy’s and stacked a mountain pile of awards by using this style in today’s rap game. Now, after the release of Scorpion, it’s proven even more so that Noah may be the most consistent producer in contemporary hip-hop right now. On this album, he was essentially able to create two different albums though Rap production and R&B vibes. This is proof alone that Shebib is of a different breed, and approaching a rare group of producers that we have heard over time. 

Furthermore, it shows how important he is to the success of Drake and OVO. Without 40, The Boy wouldn’t be here. 

My favorites from Scorpion are: (Side A) Nonstop, Emotionless, 8 Out of 10, Is There More. (Side B) Peak, Jaded, Blue Tint & After Dark.