“Thank You, Mac”

On August 3rd, Mac Miller released his fifth studio album, Swimming. This album was another dope project to add to his already stapled discography. On this album Mac instantly caught my attention with the nostalgic-vibe bag he gets into. One thing that no one can take from Mac Miller is his ability to create an authentic vibe for his music. His euphoric sounding music standing next to smooth yet poetic flow, has made him stand out in the game over the years. Swimming sounds a lot like his album Watching Movies with the Sound Off in terms of beats and production, but the content on this album may be the most important in his career.

Most of the talk on this album is about his mental and relationship struggles that he’s gone through lately. He took an honest approach in his writing and told us his latest life story through his music. Compared to The Divine Feminine, where he focused on love and positive relationships, this is a complete different direction. Here he is focused on living his truth and give us the rest of who he truly is. Who knew that this would be the last truth he gives?

Mac was always one of my favorite artist, from the first time I’ve heard him. He was always an underdog in this industry and never settled by always making undeniable music. For years Mac Miller has earned a name in hip-hop by working consistently at his craft and never settling in making mediocre music for his fans. He was a true artist ahead of his time and made classic music that will live forever.

My favorite Mac Miller albums are: Watching Movies With The Sound Off, GO:OD am, Faces, The Devine Feminine, and Live From Space.

My favorites on Swimming are: Hurt Feelings, Perfecto and Self Care.

Rest easy Mac Miller, you left a legacy behind.