A New Boogie to Groove To

On January 25th, Compton artist Boogie released his debut album Everything’s for Sale. This album comes off the momentum from his first three mixtapes, Thirst 48, The Reach, and Thirst 48 Pt. II. After a three year break from releasing a body of work, he hit us over the head with this amazing debut studio album. With Shady Records being the home label for him, this album is in veteran hands when it comes to quality control. It also helps being from a cloth in the west coast (Compton) that has been transcending hip-hop for the last decade plus. Artist like The Game, Kendrick Lamar, YG, and Dr. Dre are all of this same cloth, which gives him enormous shoes to fill.

The features on this album also puts this project in another bracket upon first listen. For a debut album, there are some heavy hitting features that appear on this body of work. In the first half of the album, Dreamville’s J.I.D gave us a hurricane of rhymes on “Soho”, one of the more universal bops on the album. On the second half of this album is where the features really picked up. With an official co-sign from Eminem on “Rainy Days”, and added vibes by 6lack on “Skydive II”, this project hits all pockets. This speaks to how his peers view the quality of his music, even before having an official album.

Having said that, the solo performances on this album are really what drive the impressiveness of this project. From the intro, you can tell that this isn’t your typical Hip-Hop/Rap album (as it’s listed). From the jump, this instantly opens up with R&B vibes, but you quickly find out that there are also no shortage of bars. The versatility on here is through the roof as just about every song houses a new vibe, yet staying within the same emotions that brew with the growing pains of life. The sound is enhanced even more by Boogie’s unique rap voice, which gives his music even more so it’s own fingerprint in today’s climate.

The content and creativity put into Everything’s for Sale is another element that makes this project special. The main talk on the album are around the struggles that come with the journey of growing up in life. Being centered around relationship issues, financial security, and the turmoil that comes with being highly ambitious. All valid struggles in my opinion. The creativity behind this all came full circle on his 20-minute short film. Here he added visuals to his words, painting the perfect picture behind the meaning of his music. View below.

Ultimately, I am looking to see more from Boogie and watch what other element he brings to music, more specifically to the West Coast. His versatility, content selection and creativity will take him far if he continues to produce with this energy.

My favorites on this album are: Swap Meet, Lolsmh (Interlude), Skydive, Live 95, and Skydive II.