“Skuba 2020”

In January, Sada Baby kicked 2019 off with a certified banger with his mixtape Bartier Bounty. After sitting with this album for two months, I found that it is inevitable to show respect to this body of work. This Detroit artist put everything he had into this mixtape and it shows from track one. Twenty tracks of high energy slappers show what type of energy Sada Baby is bringing all 2019.

The album is a hybrid of hype songs and raw street content. This combination creates the perfect formula for classic grind music. Amidst the songs that are made for getting thru the trenches, he made sure to tap into his party bag too. This project is loaded with tracks that would make any Detroit club go crazy. He already has this momentum from songs like “Bloxk Party” (feat. Drego) and “Cheat Code”, which was released in 2018. This mixtape is so dope that those songs seem like bonuses to the project. New songs like “Skuba Says” and “Skuba Dolph” also have potential to grow into club bangers for the summer. 

It’s safe to say that Sada Baby has found his lane and is sticking to it. By flooding the market with his street sound, he has been able to pave a way in rap music that can only work for him. To take his music to another level, it would be a match made in heaven for him to work with producers like Metro Boomin, Southside, Tay Keith or even 808 Mafia.

Overall, this will be the project that his fans will say is “the one”. This mixtape really hits like an album being that it is kinda sequenced like one. The tracks on here hit back to back all the way to the end. The impressive part again is that this is a 20-track album. 

My favorites on Bartier Bounty are: ‘Hood Rich Skuba’, ‘LLYG Mista’, ‘Skuba Says’, ‘Skuba Dolph’, and ‘Unkle Drew’.