The Marathon Continues 🏁

On March 31st we lost a legend not only in hip-hop but in culture and society as a whole. Nipsey Hussle was the true embodiment of success in today’s America in so many ways. Even more so, Nipsey was the example of a real leader for his people.

In 2010 is when I first came across Nipsey with his mixtape The Marathon. Since “Keys 2 The City” I been a fan of Nip’s music and what he was about. For years I thought I was in the minority by following his music but I was incredibly wrong. Since his passing, the amount of love and respect that Nipsey has received is probably more than I’ve ever witnessed in my life. People from all corners of life have shown up to show their respect for Nipsey, and that speaks volumes to who he really was. Everyone knew and understood what he stood for. Everyone knew who he was based off his actions and words.

Nipsey Hussle took a stance on life that can inspire most of us. In every song he had, he promoted having true sovereignty over your life through owning your own stuff and the real definition of being self made. Something we call all take inspiration from. Something universal. By spreading knowledge in areas like finance, mental health, and operating top tier business, he was able to give his fans a different message than the average rapper. One of the biggest things he showed us was to live at a different standard as businessmen. He let us know early that the true power is not in money but in being a boss and owning your own.

As sad as it is to write RIP next to a name like Nipsey Hussle, the light comes from being inspired to now carry the torch. This hit everyone hard because we knew that Nipsey had a lot more left in the tank. In fact, to me, it seemed like Nipsey was about to take off to another dimension with his career. Now, as a community, the best thing we can do is carry his name with our actions. With our success. Nipsey’s name should always be up there with the greats for the blueprint he gave young entrepreneurs and how he inspired his people with his music.

Now his music hits harder than ever. For over a decade Nip has been releasing good music and talking that talk, but now you can feel it on another level. He left a message for all of us on how to push through adversity and create a destiny for yourself. For that Nipsey, you will forever live on.

Forever Nip.

Because it’s only right, here’s a playlist of my favorite Nipsey songs. Turn this up!