“Still Behind Bars“

On November 30th, Meek Mill dropped his long awaited album, Championships. This is the first album from Meek Mill since being released from prison in November off his initial-said four year sentence. Here, Meek takes off in a new direction in his rollercoaster career and sounds as authentic and polished as ever. After his life taking a dive from dealing with the law, this album was a resurrection for him in a sense. By giving us both raw and cognizant content, Meek delivered to us his most diverse album to date.

The album starts with an electrifying intro over the sample of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and kicks this project off in the right way. Meek made sure he kept that same energy from his album intros in the past; hence “Dreams & Nightmares” being arguably one of the best album introductions ever. From the start of the album, you can hear Meek’s new approach on life through his bars.


From here, Meek begins to unravel the true depths of what he wanted to achieve with this album. With an undeniable club banger in “On Me” feat. Cardi B, and a monster trio of verses on “What’s Free” amongst Rick Ross & Jay-Z, the first half of the album is almost flawless. The album continues to grow in appeal as Meek tapped into his conscious bag during the heart of the album.

On songs like “Respect the Game”, “Championships”, and “Oodles O’ Noodles Babies” Meek spoke about what is really on his mind outside of Rollies and Pateks. You can tell quickly that his most recent run-in with the law has affected his life in a major way. The meat of the bars on these songs are about the systematic oppression and another side of the brutality in America. However, these bars are paralleled with talk about overcoming these obstacles, as Meek speaks on in “Championships”.

One of the major pluses for this album is that it covers almost all bases for rap music fans. On songs like “24/7”, “Almost Slipped” and the undeniable banger in “Dangerous”, Meek gave us a few records to cater to his lady fans. These, next to the club slappers + trap music + his own traditional sound make this album his most well-rounded album. Honestly, this is one of the better Rap albums of 2018.

Ultimately this is my favorite Meek Mill album thus far. By him bouncing back from a tragic situation and coming back stronger than ever, this album showed us what Meek is really made of. Thankful that he’s out, I hope he continues to keep his foot on the pedal with this special music.

My favorites on the album are: What’s Free, Respect the Game, Championships, Going Bad, Pay You Back, and Dangerous.