“Dreams Turned to Gold”

On July 5th, Dreamville released their third label-compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers 3. This time Dreamville put together a super album by grabbing talent from every angle of the industry. At the top of last year, Dreamville took to social media announcing that they will be sending out exclusive invitations to the sessions in creating this album. With a focus on contemporary artists, Dreamville collaborated with some of the top producers and artists that has the game on fire right now. By reaching out to just about every camp in the music industry, The Dreamers were able to make their best label album to date.

The top performers for me on the entire album were J. Cole (of course), but also JID. You can tell that both of them locked themselves in the booth and decided to give some of their best verses to date. Cole gives us verses from his current pinnacle status on songs like “Oh Wow...Swerve” and “Sunset”, while JID went nuts throughout the whole album, especially on “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies” and “Costa Rica”.

Just about the entire cast of rappers from Dreamville lost their mind on “Down Bad”, making it the best rap song on this album. With this being one of the only pure Dreamville songs on the album, this was definitely a statement for the rest of the industry.

Dreamville is letting us know that they are one of the best music labels in the game right now. Although their name may be overlooked because of their collection of new artists, this album proves that they have what it takes to be #1 in terms of music groups today (alongside names like Top Dawg & Quality Control)

For me, this goes down as a Top 5 album release of 2019 so far. The way that they pulled all this talent together for an 18-song album is still mind blowing to me. In addition, the fact that the album holds a lot of replay value is even more impressive. Look forward to more moves by Dreamville in 2019.

Watch the documentary based on the creation of Revenge of the Dreamers III here: