About Indigo.

Creator | Drey Taylor


Indigo is a custom music blog that I created to shine a light on some of the best music at our fingertips today. The albums and songs on Indigo are specific, being that it contains some of my favorite musical content available in the industry (from old to new). Indigo is inspired by great music from many genres and a diverse range of talented artists that are on the rise. The content on this site displays the creative work that musicians put in behind the scenes to receive a positive response from dedicated fans. Indigo is simply an idea that transpired from my appreciation of the art and the passion I have to urge people to appreciate these sounds that we hear. Having said that, all of the content on Indigo has heavily inspired me in one way or another at some point in my life's journey - which I wish to share with you. The name Indigo stems from the idea of many different genres and artists being merged together into one entity - similar to how many colors merge to create the color Indigo. Tune into this blog to see what I have to say about some of the most popular (and not so popular) artistry out right now.